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Here are some testimonials from my clients. For confidentiality purposes the identity of the clients has been removed so they remain anonymous.

Client A

I contacted Christine via the Accredited Counsellors website and have had a series of 6 sessions with her, as well as an initial assessment.  Christine was warm and friendly and right from the start I felt like I could be honest with her about how I was struggling with my anxiety.  Christine used a CBT approach with me to help manage my anxiety and was fantastic in helping me get to the bottom of why I was feeling so anxious.  The tools she gave me and techniques she worked through with me have helped me massively and I will continue to use them to manage my anxiety.  She has helped me immeasurably and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with their mental health.

November 2020

Client B

Christine has provided excellent and friendly counselling at a time of real need in my life.  Christine is a good listener and grasps what is being expressed to her.  She is great at reflecting back what has been said and then offers a platform to tackle the issues arising.  Christine asks questions that help with thinking things through, gaining a better understanding of what is really going on and looking at ways to move things forward.  Such helpful sessions that have enabled me to find 'tools' to help with many different situations.

October 2020

Client C

I contacted Christine after struggling for a number of years with infertility and all the medical treatment (including IVF) I have been going through.  Christine is a very warm and welcoming person and I felt that I was in a safe place to talk openly.  I found Christine's CBT approach really helpful; we looked at some of my thought patterns and through our work together I have learned new tools to use when I am feeling down or my thoughts are spiraling.  Talking about my future and other possible options, such as adoption, with Christine was a very positive experience.  She has helped me to feel calmer and 'see the bigger picture' in life, which I think is really important.  Thank you so much Christine.

April 2020

Client D

I decided to see start seeing Christine, because I was consumed wth so much anger, due to circumstances beyond my control.  I found her on the accredited counsellors website so I was confident in her expertise.  I came to the first session feeling that the situation was hopeless and that there was no way my relationship was salvageable.  I had 8 sessions, and can truly say that I am no longer angry and that my relationship is on the mend.  Christine is an amazing listener and has this incredible way of helping you to see things from a different perspective.  The tasks (homework) to do after each session really help you with the issues you talk through.  With Christine you feel no topic is off lmites, and that you can share your feelings opening and honestly.  I will miss our sessions, but know that I am well equipped to navigate through this season of my life.  I have come to terms with the fact that my relationship will never be the same but that it has taken on new identity for the better.

November 2019

Client E

I came to Christine after having traditional counselling and I realised that I need a more structured approach to getting me out of my negative pattern of thinking.  I had a bad bought of depression triggered by a breakdown in an engagement and move abroad.  I wanted to move forward and could not see a way out.

Christine helped me to realise the link between our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.  I worked through a process of challenging my thoughts, and realise they are just thoughts and what we think is not always to reality of the situation.  I am much more positive now and have excellent coping mechanisms.

Christine was very honest and ethical and said that she felt that I did not need any further session as I had achieved the goals I had set for myself at the outset of therapy.

August 2019

Client F

I would like to express our thanks to Christine for the support she has given to our daughter over the last 7 months.  Due to the death of her brother in 2015 our daughter (now 15), had become withdrwan, angry and at times showing behaviours that were both upsetting for us and herself.

Through sessions with Christine our daughter has become confident enough to have sessions on her own due to the patience and understanding built up over many weeks.  Our daughter's anxiety had reached such a stage that leaving the house, dressing and school were becoming extremely difficult, on top of this she was also developing repetitive actions which were distressing for her.

We have now ended our sessions with her in a much better place, we have had no time off school, far less mood swings and we can see a notable change in her general persona.

Going forward, although the sadness will never really leave us over the loss of a child and our daughter's big brother, we can at least see a way forward and life truly does go on, I say this with confidence as I have also had sessions with Christine 2 years ago due to the loss of our son.

We also know that should we need to, we can also get in touch again.

April 2019

Client G

"When I first contacted Christine, I was a wreck, a shadow of myself and my anxieties would tell me 'this is as good as it gets", and I believed them.

Christine helped me realise that my actions (or lack of) affected both body and mind.  Exercise, setting objectives, various techniques and knowing I was not alone nor different, hlped me 'dig our' my old self - without Christine, I wouldn't be who/where I am today; me and my girlfriend are currently in process of buying our first home.

I'm a better boyfriend, son, brother, boss (the list is endless) that is testament to Christine and her calm, understanding, knowledgeable approach.

I'll always have anxieties (everyone does) but now I know how to deal with them.  Now I know that I am in control.  Thanks for getting me back on track Christine.  Life-changing isn't an overstatement.

August 2018

Client H

This has taken me far to long to write so apologies, but given this week's events, I felt the need to write this.

Somehow. on Tuesday I managed to drag myself to the front of a seminar with work, and do a 20 minute power point presentation to 80+ people.  I can honestly say this was something I couldn't have achieved without your support and guidance given to me during the sessions.

The difference, having the tools you proved me with has made to my life is huge.  No longer am I second guessing every decision, overthinking a conversation or continuously putting myself down.  I feel empowered and more "free" that I have for a long time.  This is allowing me to enjoy the now rather than constanly worrying about the future!

I really am so grateful for everything.

June 2018

Client I 

Christine has been a great help and support for me during a major transition period in my life.  She has enabled me to look at things from a different perspective and given me the confidence to address issues in my life.

We looked at aspects of my past which had an immense impression on my life.  I wrote out what I needed to acheive in the sessions and Christine listened patiently to my concerns.  Christine was kind and honest and sometimes the sessions were painful when I needed to face up to facts, but the benefits were worth this discomfort.  Believe me Christine is very good at assessing a problem and helping you to overcome them.

I feel that my life is on track again and my family feel that I benefited from the sessions, I would throughly recommend Christine to anyone who needs an independent person to help them put their life back on track.

Thank you Christine.

May 2018

Client J

I worked with Christine over 5 months while I was going through a time of intense change and personal difficulties.  Christine has given me the courage to manage my relocation for work without my regular sessions with her.  She has been a pillar of support and I know that if I need her she will be available to continue the work we have done together.

I leave her services a far more confident and self-assured woman, with the tools I need to carry on the work and activities we completed in our sessions.  I am so glad that in a time when it felt like I couldn't cope I found Christine and chose to start my journey to not only becoming more resilient, but to realise that I had that resilience within me the whole time.  Christine helped me to unlock the strengths I already had and challenge the unhelpful thoughts that had become habitual.  Through therapy I realised is isn't about fixing myself and removing my issues, but about having and utilising tools that will help me to cope with them now and in the future.  It is a journey I am still on but one I am now able to walk alone.  I cannot thank Christine enough for all her help and support and highly recommend her services if you're just starting or are already on your journey to self-acceptance.

April 2018

Client K

"I am stubborn and when I focus on issues it becomes all encompassing.  My thoughts spiral and I become locked in a vicious cycle.  Working with Christine she helped me to understand my vicious cycles and how to put in place methodologies to counter and challenge the negativity.  For so long I was certain that there was no way out, but with Christine's help I found it!!"

March 2018

Client L

I would like to say a huge huge thank you personally to you!

I came to you in difficult times on a personal note and together as you had advised me we would make the journey together.

That journey for me was a long one but together through the time spent together in our sessions you have helped me so much in my direction for the future.

I thank you for all the help you have given me and I wish you all the best in your practice for the future.

December 2017

Client M

I have been struggling with low self esteem and anxiety for years and had never been able to discuss the issues around this.  Putting a "brave face on" might give the illusion everything is fine but inside I was suffering terribly and it was beginning to affect family life and my perception of how people saw me.  After phoning a help line I eventually found the courage to seek help with a Counsellor.  I am so fortunate to have found Christine.  She helped me to come to terms with my past and helped me to understand how to deal with low self esteem and negative thoughts.  I now think in a totally different way, using the methods she taught me, and I feel so much happier!

She is incredibly understanding, easy to talk to and a genuinely lovely lady.  I wish I'd had Counselling years ago, it was a huge step to take but a life changing decision.

December 2017

Client N

I'd had a rollacoaster of events and emotions over a few years which over time had caused me anxiety and stress.  It has all reached a point where I felt a constant battle to keep everyone happy and had developed physical sensations which then led to health anxiety.

My first session with Christine was like a breath of fresh air and I really liked her and she helped me to feel comfortable and free to talk about anything.  Christine helped me to recognise my fears, worries and what made me angry, she helped me justify my feelings and highlighted many issues I was not even aware of.  She helped me to put coping strategies in place and she never made me feel judged.

Now I am feeling much better, I think it is OK to have wobbles from time to time and I probably always will but I can now accept them, acknowledge them and deal with them.  It's OK to feel anxious but how you deal with it is a skill, Christine has helped me to see that.

I recommend Christine as a therapist, its far from the image of a doctor in a white coat in a clinical enviroment more of a therapist who helped me find solutions.

July 2017

Client O

'To say that I was a little anxious in my first session with Christine would be an understatement.  Having hit a stumbling block in my life and realising that I wasn't able to see my way through things without help, I was in quite a bad place mentally.  I researched potential counsellors in my area and Christine's profile was both professional and friendly.  In our initial consultation she immediately put me at ease and I felt able to open up to her without judgement.

I felt like I had hit an insurmountable wall that I would never be able to get over, I really did feel very vulnerable and alone.  Christine worked with me to find a way of dealing with the issues that I was facing,  It was very much a collaborative effort.  Christine offered insightful reflections and an environment of trust.  After 5 sessions with her I have turned a corner and feel like I have control again over my own life and behaviours.  I have tools to manage my patterns of thinking so that I feel able to tackle my personal issues with strength and from a postive standpoint.

At the start of every session Christine asks her clients how they feel on a scale of 1-10, I can honestly say that I left my final session feeling like a resounding 10.  I cannot thank her enough for her trust, support and wise words'.

June 2017

Client P

'I made contact with Christine for some help with anxiety and stress related issues connected with work as well as in my personal life.  Christine can support you with all areas of your life as she has a great understanding of the many pressures in relationships and from a corporate aspect too.  She will encourage and challenge you to think honestly about how you look at situations and help you to make a plan with achieveable goals to help you feel that you can move foward with your life, if you are prepared to try and she will support you to take steps to change.  She is also a lovely person who will put you at ease quickly so you can relax and focus on what you need to'.

May 2017

Client Q

I have been to see Christine on 2 separate occasions.  The first time she helped me after I had lost my mum and had a relationship breakdown within 3 weeks of each other and I was finding it very difficult to function.  Christine helped me to separate these 2 events out and to grieve for them, whilst regaining my sense of who I am and my ability to cope,

More recently, I went to see Christine due to stress at work, which we uncovered included harassment, as well as my relationship being very pressured due to my boyfriend's mental health needs.  Once again, Christine helped me through the maze of emotions with careful discussion and CBT.  I now feel able to cope and more in control of my emotions, which included anxiety and panic attacks at the time.  She is an excellent counsellor and I found her help invaluable.

March 2017

Client R

Christine has been working with me for 11 months.  She set clear expectations at the start of our sessions and has an encouraging and warm personalitiy.  She has listened, accepted what I said and make me look hard at how I think about situations.  She helped me work through various issues that surfaced after a breakdown, encouraging me to use different strategies for coping with stress, anxiety and depression.  The most important thing I have learnt is to like myself again.  I consider myself a "work in progress", still, but have given myself permission to just be me and have appreciated the time to consider options as well as work through past experiences.  It has helped immensely having someone who understands my faith background, in getting to grips with things in Christian terms as well as from a CBT angle.   I have a new way of looking at things and am looking forward to the future.  Lots of positive next steps to take.  Thanks a million, Christine!

September 2016

Client S

When I first met Christine I was unsure about everything.  I didn't really know what help I was looking for and I wasn't even sure my percieved problems were real.  From that first phone call, Christine put me at ease.  She has a kind, genuine and non-judgemental approach and as a result we were able to unpick layers that I didn't even realise existed.  She has helped me to realise my self worth and I have achieved 100% more that I ever thought was possible from accessing CBT.

Not only do I feel noticeably more relaxed and content, my friends and family have noticed.  I no longer feel constantly consumed by something in the background and can honestly say I feel happy with who I am for the first time in my lifetime.

I can't thank Christine enought for what she has helped me to achieve in such a short space of time.

August 2016

Client T

Christine has helped me in so many ways I wouldn't know where to begin.  I started seeing Christine after realising I wasn't making the most out of my life.

Previous relationships had seriously affected me and I began to notice men caused me so much stress and anxiety not only was it affecting my professional career but my personal life.

I felt like a broken vase that had been fixed.  I looked ok from the outside but to look closely I was still shattered into many different pieces and glue was the only thing holding me to together.  A small incident could cause me a massive break down and it felt a mamouth task to glue all those pieces together again.

I can now hold my head high and realise that I am enough just as I am.  I no longer need to prove my worth as I now have the confidence to know I am very capable.  My friends and family have noticed the change in me and I now live a very fulfilling life.  Not only has my career improved but I now have a happy relationship that I treasure.  The whole experience has been life changing and I know Christine would welcome me back it I ever needed counselling again.

Thank you Christine for everything.

October 2015

Client U

"I had considered counselling many times over what seemed a lifetime of depression and anxiety where that light at the end of the tunnel never seemed to get any nearer to me.  I could never bring myself to believe that anyone could help me.  I had spent so much negative energy wallowing in my own sense of despair that it became the 'norm'.  I actually believed that I was happier being 'unhappy' until I finally cracked under work pressure and considered ending my life.

My wonderful long suffering but immensely supportive partner agreed that now was the time to accept that I needed professional help.  At this time my closest friend provided me with contact details which led me to take my first tentative step in addressing the issues that had been crushing me for so long.  My first meeting with Christine was a revelation.  I immediately felt relaxed, safe and most definitely heard.  Christine's manner is so warm and genuine that I felt a change occur in me at the first session.  I continued with weekly meetings and after 10 weeks I had to accept that something of a miracle had happened and the negative issues I had been carrying since the age of 10 were now, at the age of 48, in MY control.  Christine enabled me to work through my feelings in a very effective yet sympathetic way.  My issues were explored and I became able to accept who I was and to celebrate the good things that I had acheived.  Past issues were put on the back seat of the life journey I was on and I was happy at last.  My life has been turned around thanks to Christine who is very modest about her magical qualities but I can certainly attest to the fact that what she does, she does incredibly well.

Do not hesitate, meet Christine and she will change your life.  God bless you Christine and I wish you every success in your amazing work.

March 2015

Client X

For over 11 years I have been struggling with anxiety, for the first 6 years I didn't know it was anxiety.  My symptoms manifested themselves physically as I.B.S. which gradually got worse until I was being sick for up to 24 hours at a time and had terrible stomach pains that would leave me bed ridden for days.  Christine was my last hope after trying medication, hypnotherapy and a counsellor at work.  It took my last bit of courage to contact Christine and I was very glad I did.  When I had my first session I immediately felt comfortable, her room is cosy and relaxing and Christine is a warm and friendly person that makes you feel welcome.  I orginally just wanted to stop having the awful physical symptons but having seen Christine for 4 months she has made me realise that my symptons were just the tip of the iceberg and I now understand the reasons for my illness and have the knowledge to deal with them.  I am so much happier in all aspects of my life now and I cannot thank Christine enough for her help.

February 2015

Client Y

I am writing to thank you for "walking with me" on my journey from total deep-seated confusion to clarity over the past couple of months.

When I first met you a part of my personality was "cowed-down" with burdens and judgements made about me that bewildered me since very early childhood,  (Maybe, even pre-natally, certainly pre-verbal).

By patientally and intuitively walking along with me as I explored realities from my past, you have helped to bring me peace and understanding for which I will always be grateful. 

Much love and very best wishes to you.

September 2014

Client Z

"I have been suffering with anxiety for the last 2 years; I have felt very alone like I was the only person in the world that felt like I did.

I was referred by the Doctor to see a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, but I never felt any connection with the therapist and finished my sessions feeling worse and more alone than ever. Someone then recommended Christine and I spoke to her a few days later. She introduced herself; told me what was involved and what qualifications she had. I found this very reassuring as finally someone might be able to help me. Christine has done this by helping me to understand that I am not alone or the only person suffering from anxiety and even though there is no complete cure, there are ways of managing it so that you can live a normal life. I accept that my anxiety is here to stay but thanks to Christine and the techniques she has taught me, it will not control my life.

Christine is a very kind, caring professional and easy to talk to which I think are all important factors when helping people with anxiety. Thank you Christine you have helped me change my life and I will be forever thankful."

August 2014

Client A1

"Counselling with Christine helped me to realise my own self-worth. She treated me very well and my concerns, doubts and fears about counselling were effectively discussed and dealt with. I was not sure I would be able to talk about my problems but Christine created a safe environment so I could relax and I was happy to confide in her. I was able to discuss everything that I wanted to and I would have no hesitation in recommending her."

January 2013

Client A2

When I met Christine and starting working with her a year earlier, I felt that life couldn't go on.

My earlier encounters with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy had led me to believe that this approach makes a lot of sense, yet in practice, I found those counselling relationships with CBT at their core rather disappointing: it sometimes felt as if there was little or no emphasis on a human relationship, just on imparting the concepts of CBT.  At worst, this sometimes felt a little more involving than simply reading a book on CBT!  Clearly, there can be much more to learn at such times, and I believe that finding an approach which suits an individual's learning style is in many ways as important as the validity of the theoretical underpinning of the counselling approach itself.

Now, after working with Christine, I no longer maintain my earlier reservations about CBT.  Her person-centered approach allowed me space to participate fully in a learning experience which I have come to see as a journey. Without support, it would have been easier to avoid confronting some long-standing beliefs and emotions.  But here, I wasn't simply left to my own devices, and my counselling relationship with Christine enabled me to embrace CBT's tools to work to challenge some very long-held beliefs.  Which is fortunate, for those haven't just capitulated; that's where perserverance comes in!

With the benefit of hindsight, I don't think that life could have gone on as it had been.  Christine has helped me to see that you're not always who you believe yourself to be (thank goodness!) and that this can be a liberating discovery.  Christine's warmth, professional skills and commitment have truly empowered me to see some self-imposed boundaries for what they are, artificial, mutable, optional.  Now it's up to me what I do about that, but I feel that this counselling relationship has built firm foundations for the road ahead.

If you read this and relate to it, please know that this has cost me substantial effort, and I didn't know I still had that in me.  I hope that your future discoveries are just as surprising and rewarding!

August 2013

Client A3

I chose a course of counselling with Christine in preference to that provided free by my Employee's Assistance Programme as she was so highly recommended.  I was not in a very good place and the course of counselling helped me to understand how so many things had and were still affecting my life and how I could manage them.  Without Christine's assistance I would never had attained my current state of mind, where I can leave the stresses of work in the Office and look forward to my social life.

Now it is my turn, I really cannot recommend Christine's CBT solutions highly enough, without them, I do not know where I would be now!

August 2013

Client A4

When I first started seeing Christine I was suffering from extreme anxiety and depression following a traumatic bereavement and was not sure how to carry on.

I was already seeing a counsellor at the time but was not totally happy with them.  A random internet search led me to Christine.  She was able to see me the next day.  Immediately on walking into Christine's cosy, nuturing, welcoming room I immediately felt at ease with her and felt able to open up.

l walked into that room feeling that my life was falling apart and I would never feel normal again.  The sessions were a lifeline to me - I could talk to her about things that I could not talk to anyone else about and without holding anything back.  She allowed me to completely be myself and was not shocked or phased by anything I told her.  I liked it there so much I just wanted to be curled up in that room all the time with her looking after me!  I also love that I got homework (now and again to fit with the therapy) exercises to do at home to reinforce the therapy.

During my time seeing Christine I have dealt with problems I did not even know that I had, but that had been holding me back my whole life and I have worked through much of that grief to come to a place of acceptance.

I am no longer the defeated, anxious person I was then.  I am enjoying life again and looking forward.  It is hard to believe it had only been 4 months.

I cannot believe sometimes that I am where I am today and I know that I could not have done it without Christine.

December 2013




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